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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 18, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> we have good news in the weather department. >> good news monday. across the board eagles win, talking about warmer temperatures, throughout the entire week, this week, so if you're sick of the cold, sick of the snow, even though, the winter season doesn't officially start until thursday, you're going to be in luck, because again, it will be warmer going through the day today, and then specially on our tuesday. soap, here's storm scan3. warm, front, slowly working it way through the region, as we put storm scan3, in motion, for you, you will see that we do have couple of speckles evergreen here, there, mainly well north and west of the city at this point. some that far is actually reaching the ground, maybe few light spotty, spotty rain showers, here and there, with maybe even few snowflakes mixed in, again, well north and west of the city, in
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general, though, it is a quiet and relatively dry start to the day for most of us across the delaware valley, if not all of us across the delaware valley, temperatures, definitely on the mild side, in the mid to high 30's, even to 40's, poking through, wildwood, atlantic city, both at four; waking up right now here in philly to 39. we're going to get to up 49 degrees, later this afternoon, jim, rahel. we could even see some 60s in the forecast, i'll tell you when that could happen in just a lit bit. >> let's look at traffic, meisha out, bit under the wet they are morning, so let's take a look at an accident on the ramp of highland avenue to route 309 southbound, there is a vehicle facing the wrong direction, and the onramp closed so watch out there. there is also an accident on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike, before willow grove right now no word on injuries, also on the pennsylvania turnpike, there is construction blocking two eastbound lanes, between willow grove and bensalem. >> well, ...
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>> eagles nation is on, the win against the giants birds came out on top, meadowlands just barely. >> for many fans the game too close for comfort, the giants, two and 11 coming into yesterday's and let's take a look, nick foles hit the field yesterday in his fist start of the season eagles up 24-23, nelson agholor made this amazing rap in the end zone. followed by a little celebration. i always love their celebrations. get it, get it. >> eli manning connected with king here, who ran 50 yards down the field for a touchdown . >> just like that they clinch first rounds bye, but head coach doug peterson is happy. >> i just challenged them that can't play like this, and win
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in the post-season, obviously, can't play like this and expect to win every week. you know, you got to come prepared. >> to come here, face a bunch of different things, have different guys step up, special teams makes plays, defense makes plays, offense, like we switched off all throughout the day, but stuck together, and we had some adversity early, so great game to come out and get a win. >> another win for the eagles means another chance for fans to celebrate. >> but the birds win over the giants didn't come easy. "eyewitness news" trang do live at the wip studios with more on the nail biter after game, what fans had to say, hey, trang? >> good morning, jim, rahel. yes, being called ugly win that really exposed the team's weaknesses, namely, the defense, but nick foles proved to be a more than competent philly forecaster on wentz. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> eagles fans were all smiles , after the birds over came an early 13-point deficit
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to evening out 34-29 win against the giants. it was supposed to be an easy game against a struggling team but it turned out to be anything but. >> my heart was racing. my heart was racing. >> the game was great. nail biter to the end. >> all eyes on number nine, quarterback nick foles taking over for injured carson wentz. foles rose to the challenge under immense amount of pressure throwing four touchdowns passes, no interceptions. >> i was down foles. did he a good job. yes, he did an awesome job. >> as well as foles played, they say the defense left a lot to be desired. >> he played good. the defense has to tighten it up. >> so we'll be here at wip sports radio all morning long, have some expert analysis, in addition to the fan reaction, and they also want to hear from, give them a call 888-729 -9494. all talking eagles this morning, but i send it back to you, jim, rahel, in the studio
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>> thank you so much, trang. good news this morning, everyone will be waking up with a smile on their face. >> well, after an outage that lasted 11 hours, the power finally restored at the hearts fields jackson airport atlanta it doesn't mean there will be problems today. officials are working furiously to reschedule flight now the outage began around 1:00 yesterday afternoon, but pretty soon thousands of travelers were left in the dark and stranded, either in the planes, and many said they had no idea what was happening >> i first heard gosh what's going on, it could be weather, then i noticed finally it went off oh, no, it could be something way worse than just weather. >> officials say the outage was caused by a fire in a underground electrical facility more than 1,000 flights were grounded. affecting airports all across the country, now if you are flying today you should check the stat us of your flight before you leave home. >> to the nation's capitol, deadline for vote on tax reform approaches lawmakers speaking out on last ditch effort to garner support either for or against the plan
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cbs news correspondent laura wraps up the commentary. >> republican senators are broadcasting their support for the tax cut bills saying there is no down side to the plan to decrease personal taxes, and sling the corporate tax rate. >> this is something that's designed to be able to energize the economy, it should work. >> this is good news for the american people. we are going to get the economy roaring back again, and improve pay, and increase jobs. >> but democrats, and independent, like vermont bernie sanders, point out the tax breaks that benefit the middle class will expire in 2025. >> because the benefits for the middle class are temporary , while the corporate benefits are permanent, at the end of the decade, over half of the middle class will be paying more in taxes. >> also, speaking on "face the nation" sunday, treasury secretary, steve manusian has no doubt they'll pass the bill this week, and most americans will see their take home pay grow by early next year.
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>> this is about hard-working families that are going to see starting in february tax cuts. >> though as republican governor john kasich of ohio points out, that extra money will come at a cost. >> i do believe that cutting taxes makes sense. my concern about this bill is the debt. and they did not do enough to be able to cover, still will not pay for itself, everybody knows that. >> at last count the national debt over $20 trillion. laura, cbs-3, "eyewitness news ". now the house is expected to vote on the bill first followed by the senate. the bill could be on the president's desk by the end of the year. and senator john mccain will mix the, headed back home to arizona spent several days in a maryland hospital recovering from side effect from chemotherapy, treatment for brain cancer, over the summer you may recall he was diagnosed with glioblastoma. his absence not expected to prevent the bill from getting passed. >> and a bipartisan group of
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senators working to fight international cyber threat. the bill is expected to be introduced next week. it is almost to prevent foreign intervention in us elections by improving communication between intelligent agencies and state election, comes in the wake of russia meddling in the 2016 elections. >> in other news this morning, police investigating after man shot during a attempted robbery in northeast philadelphia. police say the victim ran inside this wawa in the castor section of the city after shot last night. the victim told police that he was walking in the 6900 block every large street, when the suspect approached, and announced a robbery. the victim was shot twice while running away, he is listed in stable condition. plus, robbery turns violent, turned at fdr park in south philadelphia, this happened near the tennis courts on the 3600 block of broad street, this was around 10:15 yesterday morning. police say the 36 year old victim was selling sneakers when two attackers tried to rob him. officials say the pair shot the victim multiple times, medics rushed him to the
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hospital where he is in critical condition. so far no arrest haves been made. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf is calling for democratic state senator to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct. the philadelphia inquirer published an article quoting former campaign and legislative staffers and advisors, they accuse 56 year old day lynn of behavior raging from highly sexual, to inapropriate touching. blames the accusations on a political opponent, denies the accusations. >> anonymous donor comes to the help after church. announced a philadelphia man dropped off a check for $1,200 , that's the same amount of cash that was stolen from the parish about two weeks ago , parishioners had raised the money at a church bake sale. camden police are still searching for this man seen in this surveillance video who they believe stole the cash. thanks to the donation, the church will still be able to deliver holiday food baskets to local families. >> coming up: man walks into convenience store with a golf
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club looking to steel some cash. >> scary moment. one person who wasn't scared, the clerk. see the surprising thing he did next. >> and graduate shares her moment, walking across the stage with her beloved service dog by her side. hear how her best friend helped her get through college >> reminder now cbs-3 is getting into the holiday spirit by collecting toys for children in need. during our annual toyfest campaign. we will be collecting toys all day long, today, from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. it is happening at the studios
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>> welcome back, officers searching for suspecfter workers at cell phone store were robbed atun say three emplt th ttore in thorn berry township were closing on saturday night when two men burst in. at least one of the robbers tells some of the employees at gunpoint, as another robber ordered a worker to put cell trash bag. all three employees were tied up in the back of the store
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before the two men jumped into a silver suv and sped off. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> check this out. north carolina man's bra stopped a suspect from robbing a drive-thru convenience store police say the suspect walked into that thomasville store with a golf club demanding money last wednesday. the clerk didn't run, though, he grabbed a knife instead. ready to defend himself. the clerk says he was calm when it was happening. he's even in this situation, he felt that he was in control police arrested the suspect and charged him with a robbery , with a dangerous weapon. well, a college graduate in texas accepted her diploma with her four legged best friends by her side. >> yes, taylor and her service dog skiddles shared a special moment as they walked across the stage, four years ago she was experiencing anxiety, depression, seizures, that's when she met skiddles, skiddles went to all of her classes and even stayed by her side throughout her student teaching. >> i couldn't do it without skiddles. so she is the one that really
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pushed me, and helped me get better, and she is just my world now. every day i got to educate someone about having a dog, you know, like you're not disable, just because you can't see it doesn't mean that there is something that, you know, could be wrong. >> and she plans to teach her future student about animals just like skiddles. >> cute puppy, and i love that name. >> apparently hard-working dog with a great name. >> good day to take the dog to the doling park. little wet out there, melting all of the snow, but it will be warm today, guys. >> it will be a nice change. >> yes. >> it was nice yesterday, i think, wasn't it? >> it got warmer. but it is nothing like what we're going to see tomorrow. wait until you see the seven day forecast, and it will feel fantastic, so maybe, dairy say , little spring like on our tuesday. so good day to take your dogs out, again, take a look outside this morning, boardwalk plaza down in
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rehoboth, not too much going on, no snow on the board any more, because we had those warm temperatures yesterday, it is going to be another warm one today, even here this morning, still waking up to some temperatures that are well up above the freezing mark, and the guerdoning is what to expect for today? won't be like the backgrounds on the graphic, much more calm today few extra clouds in the morning, some afternoon sunshine, going to mix with that clouds cover, throughout the day. a seasonably warm afternoon, what we are talking about there are temperatures that are around average, but maybe degree or two above. and if there is any left over snow that's out there, it will be gone by this afternoon, we will be melting all of that left-over snow if we do have any out there at all. storm scan3, for the most part , quiet here this morning, there is warmfront that's slowly working its way through the area, low pressure off to the west, with with the warmfront draped off to the east, seeing few returns in southern pennsylvania, right on the border with maryland, for the most part, though, warm enough that all of this is now falling as rain, if we
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are seeing any reach the grounds at all at this point. it will track a little bit further to the north and east. could see maybe sprinkle or two in the northwestern suburbs, but overall, it will be dry morning, you see here even on future weather 8:00 this morning, driving to work and school just little cloudy out there. through the afternoon sunshine breaks through the clouds from time tohrough the overnight hours tonight, maybe few clearer skies here or there, but in general it is still going to be that mix every sunday and clouds. forty-nine today, 58 tomorrow for our tuesday, and then the first day of winter officially is thursday. sunshine and 40 degrees, guys, not too bad this week if you ask me. >> not too bad and we deserve this tuesday after the last week we had, matt. thank you. let's look outside, accident on the ram from highlands avenue onto route 309 southbound, vehicle facing the wrong direction, and onramp is closed. be on alert for. that will also look at construction ramp from roosevelt to i76 westbound, crews blocking all lanes in the area. and there is also an accident on the westbound pa turnpike,
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before willow grove. the right lane is blocked there. >> well, coming up: it is rush hour for the us postal service. >> how many packages they'll deliver before christmas, in this morning's money watch report. we will be r
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sneak being of someone special, the time now is 4:50, time for check on business news. >> money watch's diane king- hall the most specialties they come joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, diane. so another day, another record for wall street. now we're hearing that at this point going more main stream. what can you tell us about that? >> oh, man. this is right, rahel, jim. the second major exchange
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started trading bit coin futures, one of the largest exchange operators gang trading the cyber currency last night. the initial price for bit coin more than $20,000, the price dropped over 6% within the first half hour. meantime, major rally on wall street on the latest with tax reform sending stocks records, the dow jumped 143 points, putting dow 25,000 in site. the nasdaq gained 80 points, jim, rahel? >> diane, they say the most wonderful time of the year but also the the busiest, so what are the delivery predictions right now? >> all right. well, we will do the postal service, postal service is predicting its bus years week of the year. all told the agency is betting it will deliver or predicting it will deliver nearly 3 billion pieces of mail this week, ranking from greeting cards, to packages, and almost 200 million packages are expected to be dropped off between today and christmas eve, and again, that's just by the postal service, jim, rahel
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>> one of ourrs, diane , pat gallen, actually at the post offers this cherry hill, so he's supposed to be giving us a behind the scenes look what it is like today. >> crate. >> i'm real excited to so. i'm sure it is madness. >> madness, exactly. you'll see just, you know, greeting cards, you know, packages, just everything you can think of going through the system this week. >> ho-ho-ho. well, we will check in with you in the next hour, thanks, diane, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> after several days every chilly temperatures, we're getting a break. >> yes, matt, talking about again mild this week, very mild for december. >> very mild is right. i said it before, dairy say, could it feel spring-like tomorrow? i don't know, but i'll gave you a idea just how warm it get, and how long this warm weather sticks around, in just a little bit.
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>> good morning, welcome back
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everyone, this is a look live from atop cbs-3 "eyewitness news" here this morning, from our roof camera. it is a little bit on the cloudy side here this morning, but it is cool, but not overly cold either. so, grab the jacket, but let me tell you, it is going to be feeling pretty warm, as you go through the afternoon hours, today a little bit of sunshine breaks through the clouds cover, and it is really going to be warming up later this week, as well. wake up here this morning, if you are planning on stepping out the door right now, looking at temperatures that are in the mid to high 30's for many of us across the region, even some 40's, though , breaking through there , dover, wildwood, atlantic city all at 40, 41 degrees, sitting at 39 here in philly. still, down below the freezing mark as you might expect up toward the poconos coming in at 29 degrees in mount pocono. but overall, this is a mild start to the day, compared to our average low, which should be in the low 40's, or excuse me, i should say, in the low 30's, at this point. storm scan3, forced couple of light returns off to our west, as, again, warmfront slowly tracks through the region,
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maybe a stray sprinkle here or there, and i put t-shirt weather question mark on this graphic, just because, maybe i got a little overzelous, but check out tomorrow. 68 degrees for our tuesday -- 58 degrees tomorrow, after 49 today. so very warm for our monday. gets even warmer tomorrow. staying in the mid 40 range on wednesday. now back down to seasonable thursday, into the four's, first day every winter, as well, then we will be seeing a return to the 50's, maybe even for friday, and into our christmas weekends. so it is a mild stretch of days, jim, as we go through the next seven, five to seven days. >> thank you, matthew. well, checking track right now , there is an accident on the ramp from highland avenue onto route 309 southbound. there is debris in the road there and the onramp currently closed. there is also an accident on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike before willow grove. the right lane there is block, also, two lanes block on the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike for construction. also, speaking of construction , there is construction on the ramp from roosevelt boulevard southbound , onto i76 westbound
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, crews are blocking all of the lanes there, intermittently, so keep that in mind, as well. planning forever homes for more than a thousand animals was the mission at the 23rd street armory in center sit. >> i over the past few days, the brandywine valley spca hosed the tri-state area's largest pet adoption event. dogs and cats of all ages and sizes were available for just $20 each, the june mega adoption event held at bellevue state park placed more than 1100 animals in two days. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning, why eagles nation was on the edge of their seats in the fourth quarter. >> it may be the most wonderful time of the year for you, but also the busiest time for the us postal service. we are taking you live behind the scenes, as workers ers make sure your cards and packages are all delivered on time. >> don't try to mail this one, we're going for a reported back at the top of the hour.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> both look. both firing. and it is good. agholor touchdown. >> well the eagles score another victory, one impacts the post-season, so why is the coach so un happy this morning >> and it is lights on again at hearts fields jackson international. what created long lines for passengers at the world's busiest airport and also disrupted air traffic all across the country. >> and, it is a good thing this didn't happen during the revolution. george washington washington, and his army may have had trouble crossing the delaware this year. why history may not repeat itself. well today is monday december, i'm wearing the suit, it is a good morning here, folks, i'm


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